FundHer FAQ

What is FundHer?

FundHer is a project to financially support women running for office in New York State. Historically, female candidates for office have lacked access to the donor networks that male candidates for office are more likely to have. FundHer aims to give female candidates access to a platform that will allow them to raise money from a wide group of people who they might not otherwise have access to. Other goals of FundHer include elevating each candidate's profile and increasing overall awareness of state and local elections in New York.

How do you choose the candidates?

FundHer was created to support progressive female candidates for office in New York State. We prioritize candidates who have received endorsements from organizations such as Downtown Women for Change (of which we are an affiliate), Eleanor's Legacy and NoIDCNY; candidates running against particularly regressive opponents; candidates of color; and candidates whose platform, energy and enthusiasm inspire us.

How does it work?

Every 4 weeks we choose a female candidate for office in New York State to support. Each Monday of those 4 weeks, a chef will prepare 20 homemade lunches, proceeds from the sales of which go directly to the campaign of the candidate we have chosen. As soon as a date is listed on the website, lunches can be purchased for that date. There is a pickup location associated with each date. If you are purchasing between 1 - 9 lunches, you will receive an email confirming your order and the date, time and location of your lunch pickup. On the day of your pickup, you will go to the appointed location, where our volunteer will give you the lunch(es) you have prepaid for. If you are purchasing 10 or more lunches on a given date, we will deliver them to you.

What if I am unable to pick up my lunch at the scheduled time/place?

We can accommodate a 15 minute "grace period" if you know you will be a little late picking up your lunch. After that, any unclaimed lunches will be donated to an organization that combats hunger. Please notify us if you will be late or unable to claim your lunch at all. Instructions for doing so will be in the confirmation email you receive.

Why are there no pickup locations near me?

We do our best to cover a number of different neighborhoods based on where the chefs are located. We hope to offer more options in future months!

Why don't you offer refunds?

FundHer's goal is to support the campaigns of female candidates. When you pay $15, all of that money is going to either the candidate or to cover the cost of ingredients and packaging for your lunch. We understand that "life happens" and you may miss the pickup time for your lunch. We hope that, in those cases, you will still be pleased to know you are supporting some amazing, talented women as they strive to make New York State a better, more progressive place!

Do you deliver?

If you order 4 or more lunches at a time, we will deliver to your home or office. In the future, we hope to offer more flexible delivery options, but at the moment, orders under 10 must be picked up at the time and location specified.

Can I place a revolving order or buy out all lunches on a given day?

Absolutely! If you are part of any type of group that regularly orders lunch in bulk, please get in touch with us at hello [at] fundhercampaign [dot] com to inquire about options.

Why are lunches only offered on Mondays?

While we are starting out and testing this concept, we thought it was easiest for chefs and customers if there was one day of the week on which lunches were offered. As we grow, we hope to offer opportunities on various days of the week!

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

At the moment, no, but we hope to be able to do so in the future! For now, we will note when lunches abide by various dietary restrictions, with a (V) for Vegetarian, (VG) for Vegan, (GF) for Gluten-Free and (DF) for Dairy-Free.

I'm interested in volunteering to make lunches. How can I do that?

That is great news! Please drop us a line at hello [at] fundhercampaign [dot] com and we will follow up with you.

I'm interested in volunteering to distribute/drop off lunches. How can I do that?

That is great news! Please drop us a line at hello [at] fundhercampaign [dot] com and we will follow up with you.

On your homepage you mention working out and going to shows. When can I do those things to support female candidates?

Hopefully soon! In this early phase we are only offering lunches, but we hope to begin offering things like yoga and Pilates classes, live music and comedy shows in late 2018/early 2019.

Can I suggest a neighborhood for distribution?

Absolutely! If you know of an area that is a "lunch desert" where the delicious food options are very limited, or if you think there is an opportunity to reach enthusiastic (and hungry!) supporters of female candidates that we are missing, please give us a shout at hello [at] fundhercampaign [dot] com.

I have a question that's not listed here. Who can I talk to?

Send us a note at hello [at] fundhercampaign [dot] com and we will do our best to get back to you promptly!